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The Silver Grove Legacy Series

If you like new twists on mythology, check out this series.


In tenebris ego sum forti... In the darkness, I am brave.


After fighting off a hoard of monsters, Brianna Powers starts her new school, The Silver Grove Academy, hoping it will give her the fresh start she needs and help her banish the memory of the night she can't tell anyone about. But when a banshee attacks her, she realizes there is much more to the school and herself than she believed. A goddess of love and death, she now must face the new dangers around her with the help of her guardian, Gabriel Isolde, a boy she feels drawn to but everyone else believes harbors evil inside him.


One must stand...One must fall. With a primordial being set on killing all the gods, war is imminent. To further complicate things there is a prophecy that hints that either Gabriel or Brianna will die. With the help of their friends and the Greek Gods, can they prevent their deaths while defeating a being who intends to destroy them all?

Coming Soon!

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