A woman sheltered by her loving family.... Marissa Dalene was a normal woman who had a beautiful home, loving parents and a sister who adored her before her life was threatened by the monsters she thought existed only in her nightmares. Marked for death by the vampire, Lilith, she nearly lost her mortality. Now, Lilith is still out there and Marissa is still marked for revenge but this time, she isn't alone. Also, on Lilith's list is Seth Sorenson, a man taken from his family as a baby and who lived with Lilith before defying her and saving the seven year old mortal child of vampires, Bridget Talbot who she had planned to change. Now, Marissa, Seth and Bridget are being protected against Lilith by the Preston vampires but even all their might may not be able to keep them and the ones they love safe. If they can't, they may have to risk everything to unbind the evil that Lilith has wound around them.