Hello, my lovelies.  Thank you for checking out my page. Since I am writing under three different profiles, I will do this in separate paragraphs to prevent confusion.  

First, under my name Amanda K. Dudley-Penn, I am working on Forever in The Preston Vampire Series.  I am also working on Mercy in The Angel Essence Series. I am excited about these two books.  So, I hope you'll check them out. Also, Summoned the second book of The Brazil Werewolf Series will be going through re-editing with Kim Young in late July.  It will then be released through Draft2Digital which will make it available on many more ebook sights.   

Second, under the name Aimee Corday, I am working on my M.C. Romance Grimm Retribution.  It will be the first in this series.  It will be going into editing with the lovely Kim Young in April.  

Also, on Wattpad, under my name Amanda Penn, I have three books currently in progress, Sparked, Burned and Dirty Little Secrets.  These are free to read.  Please check them out.  

I am extremely excited about everything that is happening in my writing life right now.  Thank you so much for supporting me.