Meet the Photographer


Kara is one of my photographers for my models in Tennessee and is currently taking pictures for some of my models in The Alexandra Denton Chronicles trailers and also photographing some of my angels for The Angel Essence Series.  She is the mother of three beautiful children and a wife.  She is also a manager and a wonderful sister.  I should know.  She is mine.   You will also be able to see her as a model on book seven of The Brazil Werewolf Series when it is released.



Sandra is one of my photographers for my models in Tennessee.  Also, she is one of my models.  She plays Micah Anderson in all of The Alexandra Denton trailers.  She's also a mother of two beautiful children, (Including one of my other models Tami Flerl.)  and the wife to Robbie Pressley (the model who plays Drake Taylor in The Alexandra Denton Trailers.)  Also, she is a wonderful sister.  She is one to me.


Robbie is also one of my photographers in Tennessee.  He has currently done some of the pictures for my book trailers for The Alexandra Denton Chronicles.  He is a wonderful husband to my sister, Sandra and an awesome step-father to her children.  He is also a great brother-in-law.  I should know.  He's one of mine.  Also, he is one of my models. You will recognize him as the face of Drake Taylor.


Lorri Lang is a photographer in Wyoming.  She is the owner of Lorri Lang Photography and takes amazing photos which includes everything from prom photos to professional model shots.  she has an impressive eye which makes all of her photos a true work of art.  If you would like to see some of her work, you can visit her facebook page by pushing the button below.  Also, she is the photographer for the model on Eden.