Author Friendly Services and People

Welcome to my page of Author-Friendly service and people.  This page is specifically to let other authors know which sites and people have helped me in the past.  I hope this page helps you in some way.  


Sandra Morris and Robbie Pressley

If you are an author in the Tennessee area and need a photographer then, Robbie Pressley and Sandra Morris may be the photographers to help you out.  Leave them a message on their facebook page by clicking the button below.

Kara Matthews

If you are an author in the Tennessee area and need a photography then, Kara Matthews may be the photographer you need.  Leave her a message on her facebook page by clicking the button below.

Book Cover Creators

The Book Cover Machine

The Book Cover Machine headed by the wonderful Laura Moyer has experienced book cover designers who have pre-made book covers but will also make custom book covers.  Also, once a cover is sold it will not be sold again.  It's original and yours.  

Twisted Angel Book covers

Twisted Angel Book covers offers original ebook covers for an affordable price.  This is my own book cover service.  Again, it is only e-book covers.  If you need anything else, I still suggest The Book Cover Machine.  They do great work for me.  If you want to see what I have available click the button below.

Backgrounds for Book Covers and Author Swag

Please Read!!!  Please ask for permission for each of these background creators by contacting them through etsy.  Thank you!!


For an array of different backgrounds from a variety of subjects to give character to your models check out the background creators below.

Copper Creek Graphics

Photoshop Downloads

Author Promotional items

The Book Cover Machine

The Book Cover Machine doesn't only offer great covers but also an array of services from creating beautiful bookmarks to creating logos and cover reveal teasers and facebook banners and a bit more.  Check out their facebook page and their photos for examples of their work by clicking the button below.


The editors below are my personal editors.  They are both professional ladies who work hard to make your book babies the masterpieces they were meant to be.  If you would like editors who work hard and are intent on helping your book reach the world, these ladies will help you get there.

Christina Thompson

You can reach Christina by emailing her at:

Kim Young

You can reach Kim by contacting her on her facebook page.  Click the button below for a direct link.


World Famous Johnsons

For music that will help set the mood for your book trailers, check out the World Famous Johnsons!  This band will rock any of your trailers.  Contact them by hitting the button below.